Shopify Print on Demand Experience: Grow Your Online Business

Dropship custom print on demand products with our smooth Shopify integration. The Shopify print on demand solution provides its users with all the necessary tools to track inventory, market the store, sell goods, and interact with customers as an independent merchant – all for a low monthly subscription fee.

Among all the eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, one stands out for POD businesses like no other – Shopify. Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform with a whopping 32% market share

The Shopify POD process is easy to use, offers excellent design functionality and simple payment options, and is affordable. It lets its users create their eCommerce store, providing a wide range of different themes to customize to meet the branding needs.

The platform aims to let POD newbies build an online store themselves — there is no need to know any coding to use Shopify.

Why Start a Print on Demand Store on Shopify


Shopify allows for an easy launch of an online store. It’s user-friendly and intuitive since the team has successfully structured all the features and tools. They also have prepared comprehensive video guides on setting up a store, marketing products, selling, and other guides. All that’s required from the merchant is a product to sell.


Over 150 free and paid themes are available in the Shopify Theme Store for you to design your online storefront. Millions of users are already running their businesses through the platform, so you'll find plenty of Shopify store examples. All of the themes are responsive, and each theme is also entirely customizable by editing its code if you're savvy enough. Creating a beautiful and distinctive online store that fits your brand with Shopify is a walk in the park.

No Product Limitations

Sell an unlimited amount of physical products, services, and digital goods. There are no limitations on the products you can sell on Shopify. This is especially handy with the POD business model with which you can design an unlimited amount of products to sell online.


Shopify is extremely scalable. It’s built for all types of stores – big brands and small businesses. Start with a basic plan for only $29.99/month, or if you own a high-growth business, an enterprise-level solution, Shopify Plus, is there to help.


Another huge Shopify perk is its effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) feature that will help with website ranking in search results so customers can find your brand new store. Every user has access to an advanced analytics panel to see where the customers are coming from, thus tailoring the marketing strategy accordingly.

How Print on Demand on Shopify works

Step 1: Set Up Your Shopify Store

Firstly, sign up for Shopify. In the beginning, you can opt for a 14-day trial which you can extend, or choose a subscription plan based on your needs. No credit card is needed at this point.

In this step, you need to think about picking a theme, customizing it, adding your logo, setting up essential pages such as About Us and Contact Us. Make sure to enable Shopify Payments, and then check the general overview of the settings to see if you have covered everything.

Once you’ve set up your Shopify store, you’re ready to move to the next step.

Sell on Shopify 1

Step 2: Choose a Print-on-Demand Partner

Once you’ve set up a Shopify store, it’s time to choose a POD partner. Considering criteria like location, production time, shipping time and costs, etc. Printify is currently one of the biggest players in the POD field, with over 600 high-quality products to design and a network of more than 90 print providers worldwide.

Sell on Shopify 2

Step 3: Create Custom Products

This is the most crucial step for you. The design is the focal point of the product and determines who it appeals to, how to market it, who the competition is, and whether the product will sell.

Where to get designs?

Make the designs yourself if you know how to use software like Photoshop or Illustrator and their free online cousins.

Hire a designer, ensuring your designs will be gorgeous and in the right size and format for POD. Look among your friends or find one on Fiverr

Buy pre-made designs. Take advantage of our Printify x Shutterstock integration, find royalty-free artwork on Pexels or Unsplash, or buy designs from artists on Etsy.

Sell on Shopify 3

Step 4: Print Your Products

Upon starting your Shopify POD business, select five to six products to include in your store – no need to go overboard and design dozens. If you’ve decided on your niche and know what products you want to offer your customers, with a small selection of up to 10 products, you can focus all of your attention on marketing them and understanding what sells.

Also, it’s wise to order product samples so you see what they look and feel like. With tangible products on your hands, you can take pictures for social media and advertise on the go as you carry them around.

Sell on Shopify 4

Step 5: Ship to Customers

If your designs are right and marketing is on point, you should start making sales soon. Not a cent is taken from your wallet until you make your first sale. Then, you begin earning depending on the profit margin you’ve set. Read how to price your products for maximum success.

Sell on Shopify 5

Printify Is Trusted by 2 million+ Merchants Worldwide With More Joining Every Day

What Is Printify and How It Works

Printify is a Print on Demand dropshipping service that provides a software solution that connects a Shopify store with the best print providers out there. The customers get the products they want when they want. With Printify, gain instant access to a network of print providers worldwide from USA, China, Germany, UK, and Latvia.

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Print Providers
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Customizable Products

In the Printify catalog, find over 600 customizable products from apparel to accessories to pet goods and home decor items. Make them your own with our limitless customization options – use our free Mockup Generator to create custom T-shirts, custom phone cases, and more by simply uploading your design, choosing product variants, playing around with layers and the text editor. After that, get access to stunning high-definition mockups to publish to Shopify and start selling. Check out this tutorial on creating your first product.

Why Choose Printify for Your Shopify Print on Demand Success

Printify offers smooth and easy integration with the biggest online marketplaces and platforms, including Shopify, so no matter how experienced you are, you can start selling custom clothing and accessories online. 

When you partner with Printify, you not only gain access to our vast catalog of items but also to our caring and friendly 24/7 customer service. The order routing feature ensures you never run out of stock, but most importantly, you can kick back and relax. The print-on-demand dropshipping model at the core of Printify takes the heavy load off your shoulders. Merchants only need to focus on designing and marketing, we do the rest, from production to packaging to shipping to your customers.

Sell On Squarespace Using Printify

100% FREE

Printify is and always will be free to use, including designing products and creating mockups. We also offer paid subscription plans for high-growth businesses that allow saving up to 20% on all products, custom order import, and other perks, but you can still successfully run your business with the free version that supports up to five stores. Take advantage of the free service and earn an attractive side income.

Mockup Generator

We have developed an easy-to-use Mockup Generator that offers all the essential features needed to design products. Add up to five layers, play around with the text editor, preview and adjust to make the product look exactly as you want. After you're finished, receive a beautiful mockup to publish on Shopify and your social media channels.

Merchant Support

We’re here to empower our merchants by providing a truly helpful support experience that minimizes effort and maximizes success. All our merchants have access to 24/7 merchant support that will kindly respond to all your order-related questions.

Production Network

Choose from over 60 print providers in more than 90 locations worldwide. Select based on important criteria, including prices, available products, color variants, and print provider rankings. Save money and time by choosing the right provider closest to your customers.

Shopify Integration

Printify plus Shopify is a match made in heaven. We've designed the integration so smoothly that it's literally just a click away. Shopify connects with Printify via a third-party app, located in the Shopify App store.

Product Range

Over 600 items – one of the biggest selections of customizable items out there. Everything from shirts, swimwear, shoes, bags, pet accessories to home decor items, custom wine tumblers, phone accessories, and even lamps.

Printify x Shopify

How to Start Shopify POD Store With Printify

Printify has developed a seamless integration with the biggest online marketplaces and platforms, including the ultra heavy-weight champion, Shopify. Initiate the integration straight from the Shopify App or Printify account. Here is a neat guide on how to do it from both platforms.

Custom t-shirts are a wardrobe staple worn by millions around the world every day, and they’re ideal for creatives who want to show their stunning designs to the masses. Think slogans, graphic prints, brand logos, drawings, and more.

The reality is that hats never go out of style. Baseball caps, trucker hats, and beanies – there’s a season and occasion for them all. The fact that the headgear market (mainly caps) is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.45 percent between 2020 and 2025 confirms this to be true.

If you seek items that will never go out of style, a hoodie is what you want. It has found a home in closets worldwide as an absolute staple piece. Whether your customers enjoy camping, jogging, dazzling people with a casually chic street style, or simply being warm, they will want something that fits them well. Because of its versatility and simplicity, a hoodie is one of the most popular print-on-demand products ever.

While the tank top has never fully departed the fashion trend cycle, the universal basic is taking center stage thanks to the resurgence of Y2K fashion and the advent of genderless fashion. A tank top is truly versatile: wear it as a gym top or couple with your beloved pair of jeans for a casual yet trendy look. Tank tops are this season’s must-have items in men’s and women’s closets, so design away!

Whether you’re a seasoned online store owner or just plan to set one up, mugs are excellent products to customize and sell. A custom mug is simple, practical, and used daily by virtually everyone to stay nice and caffeinated throughout the day. Add a bold pattern, a fun or heartwarming quote, or an inspiring saying, and you’re sure to capture your customers’ attention.

Printify Print On Demand Platform

Why Start a Print on Demand Shopify Business Right Now

First of all, POD dropshipping is easy. With the POD business model and our smooth Shopify integration, you save time and money. There’s no need for massive investments, storage space, or inventory. You only pay after you sell — it’s never your own money, it’s your customers!

What else? You never run out of stock, and you have no unsold products. It’s good for business and our planet. With Printify’s technology, you get stunning product images for your store and social media within minutes. We created our Mockup Generator as simple yet efficient as possible, so you spend less time designing and more earning.

You also have automated POD order fulfillment and shipping at your disposal, which means that you have a lot more time to focus on coming up with new designs and marketing strategies. Printify with the Shopify integration is the moneymaking match you’ve been looking for.

Unlock Unlimited Growth With Printify